Tips for Women Travelling Alone

Tips for women travelling alone

Nowadays, more and more woman are turning into solo travellers to quench their thirst of exploring destinations. Solo travelling is becoming popular due to a variety of reasons, which include lack of travel buddy, urge to spent time in solitary and official or business reasons.

Many time women from corporate travels for business meetings, conferences across the globe. Whatever may be the reason, safety is one prime concern for women travellers, which deter many from undertaking solo trips. It is always better to take preventive measures before or during your trip to be safe from any unforeseen circumstances. Here, I have added a few safety tips for women travelling alone.

Know Before You Go

solo travel safety tips

Research about your travelling destination as much as you can before you start your solo trip, especially, when you are women traveling alone to any foreign country. You should inquire about the culture and tradition, which will give you an idea to do and not to do certain things that hurt the cultural sentiments of the locals. For example, in certain Middle East countries, try to wear clothes that are not much revealing. However, in certain European countries, there are no restrictions on anything that you wear. Although, in the Middle East also there are no such restrictions but revealing clothes don’t go with their culture.

Welcome to Hotel Safety

Accommodation is one of the important parts of your journey, so choose a hotel carefully after checking reviews on the internet. You can also choose to become private guests through sites like Air BnB. Check with the hotel, if someone will be able to assist your luggage to your room since you are alone. You should choose a room near the elevator or staircase to deal with any kind of emergency situations. Carry a card from the reception of the hotel that has hotel phone number and address mentioned on it, which you need to keep all the time during your trip. Once you are in the room, just check if it has door bolt and peephole. Many times, it’s seen that the phone provided in hotel rooms are non-functional, so check before the hotel staff leaves you after dropping your luggage.

Travel Documents

Travel documents like passport, medical card, tickets, via etc. are highly important and misplacing any can cause you serious inconvenience during the trip. It’s better to keep a photocopy of all your documents and store them safely in some other place of the luggage. You can also scan your documents and keep those in your email to access the same during emergencies such as loss of original copy. Always contact the embassy for your country if you come across such situation to get maximum help.

Packing Smart

Packing for Solo Trip

Smart packing will help you get rid of inconvenience during your trip as you are a single traveler traveling. As you are alone, you need to pack lightly, so that you do not have the difficulty of carrying those. Carry all your essential recommended medicines in your bag along with a first aid kit. Lock your suitcase and bag properly before you check-in the airport. All luggage should have tags on which your name and address is mentioned while traveling, so that in case your a is misplaced, the airport authorities can contact you.


Explore all transport options of the place you are traveling to especially if you reach late. Usually in tourist spots, cabs and other transport options are available but you have to be sure to go for a safer one. If you have booked your trip through a travel agent, check with him if he can arrange a car on rent for you. However, if you are doing on your own, keep the GPS on to track the direction.


Even if you read a lot of solo travel safety tips, it’s always better to keep your eyes open and use your common sense. Travelling solo is fun and with some advanced planning, you can turn your trip into a safe and memorable journey. There are thousands of women traveling alone who move out on solo expeditions every month across the globe. You can also join the race with some smart work.

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