What to Do When Your Flight is Canceled

things to do when a flight is canceled

If you have never faced a flight cancellation in your entire life then you must be quite lucky. But this is not something that should discourage you as it is very much unpredictable. However, when such a situation comes, you should not panic but rather open up your senses and do the right thing. Flight cancellation can be worst and can entirely ruin your plans. However, with some common tips, you can make things better for you if not great.

1. Prepare Before you Fly

Although this is a tip, which works when you have not started for the airport, I have added it as it’s very important to plan from the scratch to remain prepared from worst circumstances. Try not to book your trips when the weather is not kind enough such as stormy or too much rain. Also, you will have a good experience, if you fly directly to your destination instead of taking options for change planes. If possible try packing your luggage light or carry single luggage. This does not mean that you can slip into the check-in line quickly but you will have the privilege to board the next available flight quickly if your flight is canceled as the airline need not spend much time to identify your luggage.

2. Do Not Leave The Airport Instantly

It’s a common phenomenon to leave the airport when you get the news that your flight is canceled and explore the local area. However, you should abstain from doing such thing as things can change suddenly. As soon as the next flight is available, your airline will be making the arrangement to board you on that flight. By leaving the airline, you will miss your chance to board the flight early. Stay in the airport until the airline tells you to the timeline for the next available flight. Always remember that if you need to stay overnight due to a flight cancellation, your airline needs to pay you for the room. However, airlines may not provide you with a luxury room, so you need to choose accommodation keeping it in mind.

3. Contact the Airline Immediately

Contacting the airline without any loss of time is the best thing to do when a flight is canceled. Rather than standing in the queue to contact the airline, call the customer service department. You can also get in touch with the airline via social media. Typically, brands nowadays respond quite promptly on social media. Most airlines have apps, so better to download the one on which you have booked the ticket. You can easily reach customer support via these apps.

4. Look into Compensation

In case of flight cancellation beyond certain hours, some airlines provide compensation for the same. For example, if you are flying out of an airport in the EU or into one of the EU, you have the chance to get some compensation if the delay lasts more than three hours. There are however certain conditions applied such as if the cancellation was due to some glitches of the airline but if the mishap occurred due to some natural factors such as bad weather etc., you will not get any compensation.

5. Stay Calm

Last not least keep your temper cool when you get the news that your flight has been canceled. Many people have the habit of shouting at airline staff to take out the frustration but that will not help you in any way. The fault is of the airline or maybe there is some technical reason for the same. Shouting at airline staff will only invite additional problems.

Although, no tips can solve your problems when your flight has been canceled but these above-mentioned ways can at least help you to handle the situation well instead of getting angry or frustrated.

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