How to Choose the Best Travel Insurance?


This holiday season with your travel preparation adds travel insurance to your shopping list if you are planning a trip outside the country. For those who don’t know much about travel insurance, let me give you a brief introduction.

Travel insurance is a very useful thing when it comes to providing you protection from medical emergencies, canceled trips, lost baggage, and many other travel-related issues. So before deciding to choose the best travel insurance, check the types of coverages of travel insurance.

Types of Travel Insurance Coverage

Travel insurance coverage depends upon the insurance provider and your requirement, so first of all analyze what is your objective of taking travel insurance. Let take a look at some of the types of travel insurance.

Trip Cancellation:

Travel insurance for trip cancellation is one of the most common types of insurance that provides a refund in case of trip cancellation due to unforeseen circumstances.

Trip Delay:

At times, when a trip gets extensively delayed and you need to bear extra expenses due to the same. Many insurance companies nowadays provide coverage for reimbursement of expenses if a trip is delayed.

Accident/Sickness Medical Expenses:

Many times during the journey, you may get injured accidentally or fall sick due to weather changes. So, you will require urgent medical attention such as doctor, medicines and even hospitalization. Most travel insurance covers these types of expenses and it is high on demand.

Medical Evacuation/Emergency Transportation:

During your tip, there might be a situation when you will need urgent medical evacuation and transportation to any hospital or medical facility. This type of situation usually arises during trekking or any adventure activities or when a person is traveling to a location that is far from the city.

Baggage/Personal Effects Loss or Delay:

Loss of baggage during travel is another most common type of coverage which many travel companies provide.

Who should buy travel insurance?

Travel insurance is best for every traveller, who has a travel itinerary of 7 days or more. It is not that if you have a short trip you cannot avail a travel insurance but generally in short trip of 2-3 days, there are less chances that you may come across emergencies.

If due to an illness or accident or for any other reason there is a sudden change in your travel plan then you may face losses due to non-refundable payments made and medical expenses, which may not be covered by your existing health insurance.

How much does travel insurance cost?

Cost of travel insurance depends on the insurance company and the type of coverage you want to avail. As travel insurance covers the losses incurred by a traveller due to trip cancellation, baggage loss, medical emergencies etc., the cost borne by a traveller is justified. Most people realize the value of a travel insurance after they have undergone and such kind of hassle.

Where can you buy travel insurance from?

You can buy a travel insurance from any leading insurance companies, which have good reputation. Some of the renowned travel insurance companies in India are Religare Travel Insurance, Tata AIG Travel Insurance, Apollo Munich Travel Insurance Plan, Bharti AXA Travel Insurance to name a few.

However, you should always compare the features of a few travel insurance policies and then choose the best travel insurance policies. Also, read any kind of conditions that apply in those policies.

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