Asthi Visarjan in Har Ki Pauri at Haridwar


I am writing this blog as I did not find sufficient information in Google about Asthi Visarjan process in Har Ki Pauri in Haridwar, the holy city of Uttarakhand. To just give you an overview, I was planning immersion of the Asthi or Ashes of my Dad in Haridwar. I had some confusion in the process, so I did a lot of Google search but did not get information up to my satisfaction. I also posted queries on Quora but still no result. So, through this blog I want to help others who want to visit Haridwar for Asthi Visarjan.

My Dad passed away in 2017 December and as per our tradition, we had to do the immersion of his ashes in the Holy Ganges. I opted to do this on the Pitru Paksha which is also known as the Shradh Paksha, which is period of 15 days, when people from the Hindu community visit religious places such as Haridwar, Gaya, Kashi for various religious activities for their beloved deceased such as Pitru Trapan, Asthi Visarjan, Pind Dan and Pitru Dosh Nivaran.

I have chosen Haridwar as it’s near to Delhi, where I stay. Also, Haridwar is one of the most auspicious places when it comes to Asti Visarjan. So, here is a Glimpse of my Journey to the Holy city of Haridwar.

Reaching Haridwar from Delhi

We booked a cab to reach Haridwar, since my mother is not comfortable with train journey due to her Age. We booked the Cab for 1 Day (Started on Sunday 9 AM from Delhi and Started from Haridwar at 11.30 PM). Cab is best option if you are going in group of 3-4 person as it’s affordable and you will not face the Hassle of changing multiple vehicles while roaming in the city. Travel time is usually 5-6 hours and it’s better to start bit early to avoid traffic jam near Ghaziabad. Thank God we did not come across any traffic jam. We reached Haridwar around 4 PM and checked in to the Hotel.

Staying in Haridwar

Hotel Room At Har Ki Pauri

I did a lot of internet research to book a hotel in Haridwar. Actually, I wanted to stay in Har-ki-Pauri, where asthi visarjan was to be done. But, when you book online, you will find it confusing to identify the exact distance from the Ghat. So, after spending several hours to find a hotel, I dropped the idea and decided to directly book reaching Haridwar. I suggest, you guys also do the same as you will find it convenient to stay near the Ghat. My cab driver took me to a Hotel close to 5 Km from Har-ki-pauri Ghat. The Hotel was not great but OK kind of. You will not get super luxurious hotels in Haridwar unless you go for 5 star such as Radisson Blu etc. Rest all hotels are almost the same. Charges starts from 1K to 2.5K INR for a double room.

You can also stay in Har-ki-Pauri as there are several hotels near the Ghat. I later realized that I should have stayed there. The benefit of staying near the Ghat is that, you can change your wet Clothes after bathing and also stay there for as much time as you want.

Hotels in Har ki Pauri
We checked-in to the hotel to take rest for some time as we wanted to go the Ghat to watch the Ganga Arti.

At Har ki Pauri Ghat of Haridwar

Har Ki Pauri Ghat at Night

We reached Har ki Pauri Ghat at 6.30 PM to watch the Ganga Arti and meet our Panda Shri Parikshit Shikhola. Actually, I had a confusion about where to submerge the Asthi as there are several Ghats in Haridwar. Some of my friends told me I should do in the Kankal Ghat as Har-ki Pauri Ghat is for VIP. I was amazed that even local people are not clear about these facts. I checked with 2-3 person in the hotel and they gave different answers. I wanted to book a Pandit in advance before reaching Haridwar to prevent any hassle. So I contacted few Pandits doing a Google search. Parikshitji was one of them talking to whom I found very reliable.

Parikshit Shikhola Haridwar

Entering Har ki Pauri Ghat, I checked with some flower vendors and they told me that Asthi Visarjan is done there itself. I was very relaxed and then proceeded to meet our Panditji. When you go by the ghat for 150 meters, you will notice Small hut types chambers open from 4 sides, where the Pandas sit. It’s near to the Asthi- Pravah-Ghat in Har-ki-Pauri. I met Parikshit and fixed the time of 7 am for the Asthi Visarjan. We then spent some time doing some small shopping and returned back to the Hotel.

The Day of Asthi Visarjan at Har-ki-Pauri

Early morning we reached Har-ki –Pauri Ghat where we met after Panditji after waiting for 15 mins. When you are in the ghat, you will find several pandits approaching you to give them the opportunity to do your religious works. I saw people performing Shrad, Trapan and Asthi Visarjan at the Har-ki-pauri Ghat. Once our Panditji  Parikshit Shikhola arrived, we started the ceremony. A small puja followed by the Asti Visarjan. You must be very careful doing the Asthi Visrajan and Ganga Snan as the flow of Ganga at the Asthi Pravah ghat is very strong. The entire Asthi Visrajan and Pitru Tarpan puja took 45 mins to complete after which we left for the hotel. After finishing our breakfast in the hotel, we started for Delhi at 11.30 and reached Delhi by 4.30.

Haridwar is one of most important cities of India from the perspective of Hindu religion. Apart from this place, there are many other places in India where you can do Asthi visarjan such as  Kashi, Gaya, Badrinath, Pushkar, and Ujjain to name a few.  If you have any specific things to ask, feel free to reach me by commenting below.


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