5 Best Shopping Places in Bangalore Suggested by Locals

best shopping places in Bangalore- street shopping

The megacity of Banglore, which is now renamed as Bengaluru  is a haven for people who simply take all the thrills of life. This megacity is the third most populated city in India and is huge in all sense. Being an IT hub, there is an inflow of youngsters to the Electronic city. This has led to a very live night culture in Bangalore.

Apart from being the ‘Silicon Valley of India’, Bengaluru is also a very active tourist destination. With its rich culture, history and diverse population, it is a wonderful place to explore. All these have added to the shopping scenes in Banglore with a great deal. The street markets and malls are great places to satisfy your shopping crave.

Types of shopping places in Bengaluru

Bangalore is a megacity for sure, but its shopping culture is not something limited to the hi-tech modern malls. Street shopping in Bangalore would be a true experience for anybody who is an enthusiast. There are a number of different famous market in Bangalore which have caught the attention of people from all around the country.

In Fact they are more opted for than the malls and shopping complexes. The street shopping experience in Bangalore can be one with amazing benefits for the shopper. You will be able to shop without blowing out your purse. The malls in Bangalore are all of international standards and houses many of the major global brands. You are given the liberty to choose the right place that can offer the right choices for reasonable prices.

Here are 5 best shopping places in Bangalore for you to explore:

Street Markets

Bangalore street shopping is a real experience, especially during the festive seasons. Shops become filled with products at very affordable prices. There are many different shopping streets around the city of Banglore, with hundreds of shops tucked against each other. Here are some of the most famous street markets in India’s electronic city:

1. Commercial Street

Commercial Street Bangalore shopping

Lying in the heart of the city, Commercial street is one of the busiest shopping places. It is truly a haven for the shopping crazy people in the city. There are a huge number of thrift shops and high end stores in this area. The place gets highly crowded during weekends and festival times. The most important thing to keep in mind while shopping at commercial street is that bargaining is the key.

The shopkeepers will give you very high prices for all the goods, but you can bargain your way down to the most affordable rates. Commercial street has specific areas dedicated for footwear, jewellery, dresses, etc. This makes it easier for shoppers to make their way through different options.

There is a part of the market that is specially for the spice shops and home decor items. Hence, you can spare a day for shopping at commercial street and fill up on goods for your home and wardrobe at very affordable rates. There are some very famous places recommended by many shopaholics, here are a few:

Sri Suryanarayan Art Jewellers: this place is a must visit for bagging some exquisite silver jewellery. The pieces here can be very different from what you may find in other places.

Vashi’s House of jeans: This place is just where you need to be visiting to buy the right pair of jeans. They have all kinds, from variants in fit to different colours.

Naughtee: this is the right place for shopping from literally a huge number of options. It is very cheap, but you get to pack in on some very trendy dresses.

There are many other recommended places for you to check out, so do some research and visit this shoppers haven. The place also have some good food joints for you to take a break from all the shopping. Also, make sure you carry cash since most of the stores do not accept cards. It is always better to visit the place as early as possible to avoid too much crowd.

2. Brigade Road

Brigade Road Bangalore

This commercial hub of Bangalore is another shopping paradise. There are a number of high end branded shops in Brigade Road in addition to the unbranded little shops that line the streets. This gives you the chance to shop with a budget that can be on either side of the economic balance.

Vero Moda, Lee, Levi’s and many other global brands line the streets of Brigade road along with many funky little shops selling jewellery, dresses, shoes and household items. Apart from these items, this street is also famous for its collection of book shops, like the Blossom’s.

This is one feature that narrates to you the history of this area. Brigade road also has a wide choice to eateries for the shoppers. You have the chance to choose from KFC and Subway to hole in the wall cafes and restaurants selling delicious dishes. Like Commercial street you will have a number of different shops to choose from, but make sure you keep the bargaining game going to fill your bags with goodies.

Just like most of the other streets, Brigade road also lacks spacious parking facility, hence it would be advised to take the metro that runs close by the place. Most of the shops close at 9 at night hence make sure your shopping is done by then. Take your time and visit Brigade road for some really amazing shopping experience.

3. Chickpet Market


Chickpet Street Market is the place to visit if you are shopping for some Desi attire and accessories. Yes, Chickpet is known for its shops selling amazing varieties of silk sarees and Indian style jewellery. This market’s history dates back to about 400 years, but people are still enthusiastic about visiting its shops to fill up on some affordable items. Banglooreans even believe that the quality of silk sarees from Chickpet is high in quality and wide in variety.

The crowded, bustling Chickpet is also famous for its dealers in precious metals and jewels. It is a very affordable place to buy your choice of gold, silver or other precious metals by selecting from the never ending choices. Another very important feature of Chickpet are the different shops selling wooden musical instruments. If you wish to buy an instrument for yourselves or to gift a dear one, Chickpet’s shops are a must visit.

Here are a few recommended shops:

Rukmini Hall: this saree shop may be your place to be when looking for the perfect silk saree to flaunt in. They have years of tradition in the industry and are hence excellent in customer service and quality of products.

Raja Market: when you are looking for a place to bag some exquisite collection of bangles and other jewellery, Raja market would be just the place to visit. It is also the place to get your accessories polished.

The streets of Chickpet are spread out into lanes and by-lanes, but the tiring walk may be worth it all. People may even advise you to stay in the main area of the street as you may find yourselves lost in the different lanes that run across the market.

Shopping Malls

We discussed about the street shopping in Bangalore, now, let us take a look at some of the best shopping malls in Bangalore, the Garden City of India. There are a number of famous shopping malls in Bangalore, where you will find some of the best collections of cloths, jewelry or house hold items.

Youngsters are now being more attracted to the well maintained, neat and air conditioned malls to the old street market shopping. Here are two of the top shopping malls in Bangalore:

V R Mall

VR Mall Bangalore

Location: Whitefield Main Rd, Devasandra Industrial Estate

Timing: 10:30 AM to 10 PM

Situated in Whitefield, one of the major IT hubs in the country. The mall is also known as “the Black Box on Whitefield Road”, because of its structure and pattern. In addition to the wide range of world class brands to choose from, V R mall also houses one of the largest Gold class Multiplexes in the whole country.

This is an experience to enjoy if you are into making luxurious choices. This retail complex also provides customizable space for startups and growing entrepreneurs. The food court at VR mall is a real up -scale space to try out some global cuisines.

There are several different fitness shacks in the mall where you can visit and try out the regimes and equipment. The Black Box also houses an open air event space which can be used to host several music festivals, artisan markets, etc.

Adidas, Kalvin Clein, Hush Puppies, Puma, etc are some of the global brands that have their outlets in VR mall. Besides these, there are other local brands like Khadi Bhandar. It is also notable to point out that VR Mall is the first place where H&M opened their first retail outlet.

For those who are interested in reading, the Crossword space in VR mall is the perfect place. The dining experience here is offered by renowned brands like Burger King, Dominos, Krispy Kreme, etc.

U B City Mall

U B City Mall

Location: 24, Vittal Mallya Road, Bangalore
Timing: 11 AM to 9 PM

This is currently the country’s first Luxury mall located in the electronic city. It houses some of the most expensive global brands which do not have retail outlets anywhere else in the city. Even the dining and cafe’ experience at UB City has a touch of luxury and class.

The whole mall is a majestic construction divided into 4 different blocks. All four blocks have different structure and setting but they are combined together in such a way that the construction as a whole reminds one of a city.

Besides the shopping experience, UB city also has an area of corporate offices, residential spaces, etc. The annual cultural event named “Art Bengaluru” is conducted at UB City’s art gallery.

Burberry, Canali, Rolex, etc are a few of the many international luxury brands with their retail stores at UB city mall. It will be your time to try out some high end shopping and experience the global brands personally. There are over 40 internationally acclaimed brands at the mall.

The food court at UB city mall is designed to give a relaxed and laid back time amidst the shopping spree. They serve everything desi to global, all under one roof. The mall also have some very recommended pastry and coffee places to take scrumptious foodie breaks while checking out the glorious space.

For the extreme luxury lover, there is a special helicopter commute from the mall’s private helipad to the Kempegowda International Airport. Thus UB city mall has made its stand in being the most luxurious mall in India.

Apart from these spots, the city of Bangalore has many other shopping places for you to explore. The other street markets preferred are, avenue street, MG Road and Majestic. The main features of all these markets remain the same as the ones we discussed above. Here are a few tips while shopping at Bangalore’s street markets:

Always make sure you bargain before reaching a final price. There are cases where something priced 2000 have been bought for a bargained final 400. You should be skilled while dealing with the shopkeepers and make sure you are not fooled.

Try other stores. The street markets offer you with a wide range of choices. Hence, never be disappointed or lazy to stick on to a single place. Make your way through the different shops and see what suits your likes and budget equally.

Make it to the streets as early as possible. The streets may get crowded towards the end of the day, hence you may want to start your spree early to avoid the rush. Weekends and holidays may be unavoidably crowded. Be patient enough to make your way through the tiny little shops.

If you are unfamiliar with the streets, make sure you remain in the main area when it gets dark. It would be safer to stay away from the small sublanes at night as you may get lost in the maze.
It is recommended to carry money rather than keeping cards at the street markets. So, get set and go shopping in the amazing electronic city of India.

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  1. Malls are the worst places for shopping. Try Sampige Road, Malleshwaram, between 11th & 7th cross. Also shops on 8th cross road. Ganganagar in R T Nagar. Am sure there are any number of places like these all over Bengaluru.
    And the author could find only malls!

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