There will be No 5G iPhone until 2020

No 5G iPhone until 2020

Intel’s primary mobile phone customer is Apple and presently an executive has revealed that the modems will see no release until the year 2020. So it can be said that there will be no 5G iPhone till the year 2020 in the market as reported by The Verge.

Manufacturers might get into the race of being first in the race but Apple is not the first which basically zeroes it down to the fact that there will be no more iPhone for more than a year. There have been multiple more reports in Fast Company and Bloomberg that makes similar claims about the launch of the iPhone with modems of 5G being a bit more distant in reality.

As intel updates that the late availability of these 5G smartphones have been unveiled and the USP to this development come to the fact that smartphones of Samsung that are compatible to 5G like the S10 5G edition would be devices that will be live rather than remaining and being restricted in being mere prototypes. At this time, 5G is piloted by various multiple carriers that is wireless in the USA, along with tie-ups that are so likely to be the work of all leading brands of smartphones. OnePlus is not way behind as it has made its 5G plan official as it stated there would be a focus and highlight on the smartphone that is enabled 5G smartphone as a first of its prototype.

Presently, at the Mobile world congress (MWC 2019), the leading Chinese brand Huawei showcased a smartphone that is 5G enabled and also is aligned with a screen that is foldable. This device, similar to Galaxy S10 5G, will go commercial and will not be a dumb prototype.

Then again there is a summit that is exclusive at the MWC 2019 that will throw sufficient light on the connectivity of the future aspects. The eminent speakers for this session will include Vice president of Technology at Qualcomm and vice president at Intel.

There are also possibilities that Apple will create its own 5G modem. However, it seems unlikely as it can be just rumoring about Apple doing in house developments of Modem. There are multiple ways through which Apple can avoid doing this. The most obvious reasons being that the company will not use the Intel modem. Whatever may be the case, the 5G Android phones are coming its way at a good pace starting in a matter of few days at Mobile Congress world.

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