Foldable Motorola Razr Phone Offers Limited Apps on Second Screen

Motorola Razr Phone

Motorola Razr is coming up this year and that too with a foldable phone, reports have shown that Motorola is tremendously working on bringing back the Razr brand. However, nothing much is known on how regarding the foldable phone it is about to offer apart from those belief and opinions regarding the features of software of the Motorola Razr that is available through facts that are leaked online. For instance, it can be said that the secondary display of the phone can be put into use to check and scroll the content either up or down when the phone is unfolded. Alongside, Motorola has given permission to a small set of applications to function aptly on the secondary display of the phone.

Further, according to the report confirmed by the XDA developers, the smartphone that is coming up and is a presentation of Motorola, will not have the similar Android features and the users will not have experienced any similar to using an Android phone like the Samsung Galaxy Fold. This report further says that the secondary display shall have those content that can be displayed on the screen from a pre-installed application that has been installed while the phone is folded. It is restricted by Motorola so that the users can interact with applications like the Moto camera, Moto Actions, and Moto Display.

On the other hand, secondary display can also serve the purpose of acting as a trackpad that will serve the purpose of successfully completing any tasks like browsing through the web pages on Google Chrome, along with filtering through the screens. In addition to this, a maximum of six quick settings will come up in the manner of tiles. when the camera will be put into use a picture will be clicked by tapping the main display whereas the user can simultaneously use swipe up to zoom in while taking a picture.

Users will get the facility of viewing the animation of the Google Assistant readily on the secondary display. While the mode of a virtual assistant is set on, it depends on the user whether they want to enable this feature. Further, if google assistant is set on the activated mode and the feature is not set up then the users will have to flip open the smartphone after the password is entered by the user.

Motorola while introducing this foldable phone, can introduce another feature that will enable the user to keep and set different kinds of wallpapers for the home screen along with the secondary display. finally, the company is continuously testing certain features like permitting the application of moto display to portray the pulsing notification, along with a clock and a tool for controlling media from going on to the second display. However, nothing is finalized and these features might not be there in the final product from Motorola, so be skeptical.

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