Facebook Introduces India Innovation Accelerator Programme

Innovation Accelerator Programme

Facebook is growing out of its title of being one of the BIG FOUR in technology. The India Innovation Accelerator Programme is a big step in the field of ‘Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Social Good’. The programme is aimed at supporting and training startup companies with innovative ideas and tries to make use of AI in confronting the situations in socially impacted areas.

Apart from supporting startups, Facebook has also initiated a scholarship progamme for students and developers who are rooted in technology and innovation. They have currently announced that 100 scholarships will be given away to selected individuals or developers. Facebook has stressed on handing out the scholarship to those students or developers aiming at implementing their ideas for socially impacting causes. This would be a passage for them to improve themselves by taking more improvised learning in the field. Through this initiative, many talented youngsters who may be deprived of opportunities to make themselves grow in the ecosystem can get a chance to experience and empower themselves to move forward with more innovative ideas.

Another branch of the programme can be considered as a gender equalizing movement, giving the women in technology a chance to prove their worth and thus preach the need for diversity in the field. It is named “Women in AI Hackathons” and clearly aims at motivating the technologically driven women and women-led startups staying focused on AI a chance to step up to the frontline. It will be conducted as a competition and the winners would be given a coveted opportunity to be given coaching by the professors of Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Madras, on courses in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Mr.Ajit Mohan, vice president and managing director, Facebook India, expressed their interest as a company to encourage the need for diversity in the field of technology and development: “At Facebook we are committed to growing the local AI ecosystem, which can be achieved by providing support to start-ups, to the student community, and by ensuring diversity within the ecosystem itself.”

Another socially impacting step by Facebook is adding a tool in the “AI for Social Good” programme, solely for the purpose of Blood Donation. This is a very important step in creating an environment of technology and social commitment going hand in hand and creating a coordinated platform of blood donation for all those in need. Here, blood donors can register themselves by filling in necessary details and required information. This data would be in turn passed on to a network of blood banks or hospitals who are in need of blood for patients in critical conditions. A report from Facebook notifies that over 35 million people from around the globe have currently signed in for the programme.

"Facebook is an ally for India's growth and development in both social and economic fields. This summit is an attempt to analyze the amount of contribution needed to develop DeepTech in the country,” added Mr.Mohan.

Let us look forward to a technology-driven, socially committed generation to be molded through this initiative of Facebook.

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