10 Best Tech Blogs You Should Bookmark For The Future

10 best tech blogs that you should follow

Blogs are the new age information hubs. Bloggers try to create a readership who have interest and passion in their niche of writing. Every field has its own set of bloggers who bountifully fill the world wide web with latest news, techniques, tips and much more. Technical blogging is no different.

There are many number of bloggers who communicate to their readers through daily posts and updates. Tech blogs may be fashioned with any informative content from the field of technology and development.

They may be documentation of projects, tips and tricks, guidance material, etc. A Tech blog should be one that can trigger new ideas in the readers, brimming with information and facts. It will be more acceptable when the blogs are personalized and filled with experiences. Here are the 10 best tech blogs that you should follow:

1. Tech Crunch

This is one of the widely accepted tech blogs known around the globe. TechCrunch was founded by Archimedes Venture in 2005 and later handed over to AOL media in 2010. Again, in 2017 Verizon Media took over as owners and TechCrunch is currently being managed by them.

This tech blog deals with current updated in the field of technology and development. They have news about the newly launched apps, devices, etc. In addition to these, TechCrunch gives you information about the various technical events happening around the world. They have a well versed team of writers who give you just the kernel of all the important tech news from everywhere. They are said to have over 10 million followers on the internet.

2. Wired

Wired is a tech blog which launched in 1994 as a part of the Wired print media. But later the two split ways and wired.com is now owned by Condé Nast. This popular tech blog connects you to technology and other walks of our social life like, business, culture, ideas, gear, security, science and transportation.

Hence, they make sure you come back for more articles brimming with interesting information. They provide a vast coverage in news relating to current and future technological advances. The publishing quality of Wired is extremely commendable and is sure to make your reading worth the time. Wired is said to have over 17 million visits in 6 months time period.

3. Gizmodo

With its claim of employing staff from the future, Gizmodo remains one of the most widely followed science fiction blogs on the internet. Launched in 2002, Gizmodo is owned by G/O media. With Kelly Bourdet as the Editor in Chief, the team of writers in Gizmodo makes you simply be immersed into top notch news and information from the field of technology and development.

They have also created a space for political blogs in Gizmodo. One of the major features of Gizmodo is the gadget blog section where you are being led into interesting information about the latest gadgets, comparisons and so on. Gizmodo has over 30 million visits in 6 months.

4. Engadget

This multilingual tech blog is one that engages the readers with daily updates of technical advancements, gadget information, and so on. They have other media content like videos on topics related to technology and its growth and development.

Launched in the year 2004, Engadget is published in English, Chinese, German, Japanese and Spanish. It was initially founded by the Gizmodo technology but now is owned by Verizon Media. They have a team of tech savvy writers who provide the readers with cutting edge news and information. Engadget has a traffic of over 35 million visits in a period of 6 months.

5. Mashable

Mashable was launched in 2005 by Pete Cashmore, when this tech prodigy was 19 years of age. The company was then handed over to Ziff Davis, the American publishing company for a price of $50 million dollars. Mashable is especially noted for its videos on the latest technological developments and inventions.

Their team of writers, who are some of the best tech bloggers, make sure the readers are able to derive the right information from their content. There are detailed blogs on apps, gadgets, etc. Over a time of 6 months, Mashable will have a reader traffic of over 17 million. They also have a notable following in social media platforms.

6. The Verge

Talking about taking technology to a wider set of audience is a task easily covered by its team at the Verge. They connect the blogs to everyday common life cycle of the readers. The Verge can easily be counted in the 10 best list of tech blogs. Before being owned by Vox Media , this tech blog had been set up by Nilay Patel in 2011. The content available in this tech blog is designed in such a way that the information they deliver is accessible to everyone equally.

The Verge is updated with all technical advances, gadget information, and details on how society is affected by these. Authors at the Verge are experienced technical writers who have the ability to convey how technology brings about changes in our everyday lives. It is seen that the Verge has over 40 million traffic in a period of 6 months. Even from their initial stages, this Tech blog has shown a steady growth in followers.

7. Venture Beat

With its content coming from reliable sources, Venture Beat remains among one of the best tech blogs active in the internet. It is found to be very helpful for anyone who are associated in the field of technology. Many executives and entrepreneurs continue to be the followers of this American tech blog, owned by Matt Marshal.

Venture Beat was initiated in the year 2006. Gamesbeat junction makes the blog acceptable among their followers who are video game enthusiasts. A monthly traffic review of VentureBeat generated a result of over 40,000 million people visiting the blogs.

8. Ars Technica

Ars Technica was born as a result of its founder, Ken Fisher’s, dream of having publication solely for those who are called the “Alpha Geeks”. Thus, Ars Technica has been in the list of tech blogs with crisp content about everything new and developing in the field of technology.

Founded in 1998, this has grown to be one of the top 10 tech blogs to follow on the internet. It is now owned by Conde’ Nast since the handing over of 2008. Their content ranges from scientific advancements, detailed reviews of gadgets and other important news from the world of technology. As the name suggests, Ars Technica portrays the Art of Technology for its readers. They have a recorded traffic of over 17 million in 6 months time.

9. Hacker Noon

Here’s another one of the top technology blogs now available on the internet, one that even has the look of a tech savvy blog spot. Hacker Noon is an independent blog which has over 7000 contributing writers. Their content is brisk and on point, just like how the techies prefer.

The founder David Smooke is an experienced blogger with a degree in creative writing. He manages to get the best technical content to be published, from millions of submissions being made from around the world. They have a steady traffic of over 6 million in 6 months time.

10. Coding Horror

When talking about the best tech blogs, we have always been led to the ones under the umbrella of huge companies. Coding Horror falls out of that list. Founded and owned by Jeff Atwood, a software developer from America, it is definitely what you are looking for in a personalized technology blog.

Jeff claims that he always look at the human side of technology, hence the blog posts in Coding Horror is bits and pieces from his life, helping you handle things in yours. He blogs about the things he implements in his life, making it easier for the reader to relate and recognize. Hence it is fair to say Coding is one of the top 10 tech blogs now active on the internet.

how to become a tech blogger

How to Become a Tech Blogger?

You have gone through the list of top technology blogs, now it's time to check out how to become a blogger. There is a huge competition to be recognized among the best tech bloggers. This is because there are a number of people who own a blog simply because it is much simpler to do it today. If you wish to pursue a decent blogging habit here are a few simple tips:

Define your niche and stick to it: technology is a vast field with numerous topics to write about. Hence, it is necessary to pick a niche that suits you and your level of expertise. Genuine authentic blogs are what readers are looking for.

Keeping yourselves updated and in line: the world of technology is on a daily growth cycle. Everyday marks the beginning of something new. Hence being a blogger calls for continuous updation. Read, watch, inquire and discuss. If you fall short of updated information, then your blog will fall short in quality.

Stretch your limits: most bloggers or gadget reviewers contain their content to the very common topics of discussion. Most people give updation on the latest computer and smartphone in the market. But technology is beyond these known everyday use items. There are groundbreaking developments in the field of wearable technology, etc but readers are unaware of these products since the bloggers never consider talking about them.

Include a personalized line of engagement: if you are looking to be an independent blogger, it is important to keep your readers hooked on to the content by sharing your personal experiences and welcoming them to the different situations in your life. Engaging the readers is something that is necessary for a steady following.

Thus, you have been updated on the top 10 tech blogs to follow and a few tips on how to become a blogger. There are many more blogs available, you can choose the ones you wish to follow. But make sure the information you acquire is authentic and true. Read, write and keep yourselves tech-ed!

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