10 Best GST Billing Software in India for Small Business

Best GST billing Software in India

GST stands for Goods and Service Tax Act that was passed in the Parliament on 29th March 2017. It came into effect on 1st July 2017 and is a form of indirect tax levied on the supply of goods and services by the government.

It is one of the biggest taxation reforms in the history of the Indian economy. GST has three types, that is, CGST (Collected by the Central Government on an intra-state sale), SGST (Collected by the State Government on an intra-state sale), IGST (Collected by the Central Government for inter-state sale), and UTGST which are effectively supporting major economic development programs.

GST is a well organised version of the indirect taxes and can be easily operated for accounting and invoice system that aims to handle the needs of varied business organizations. The manual invoice making is inclined to be time consuming and can be incorrect as well.

For making it more convenient, various business enterprises have started to use billing and invoice software. While GST has brought a whirlwind change in the economy of India, the use of billing software system eliminates the use of manual data entry and you can have the guarantee of safe and precise financial figures. Let’s go through some of the top notch GST software in India that can help small corporations with their billing and accounting respectively.

1. Tally ERP9

tally erp

Tally ERP 9 GST helps in remote access, audit and adapt services, with an added security management and support centre. Its main features include to generate e-Way Bill with the Common Enrolment Number of Transporter and incorporates all income tax changes in the Budget for FY 19-20 as per the business demands.

The added attributes can be that it is easier in terms of data entry, accounting, payroll, inventory management, and is also cost effective. While it is user friendly, the GST input function comes handy.

Price:  Tally ERP 9 GST Price is Rs. 18,000 + 18% GST (INR 3,240).

  • Single User – Rs. 21,780
  • Multi-user – Rs. 65,340

Annual Renewal is 25%

2. MARG ERP 9+

marg erp

It is one of the best GST billing software used for invoicing purposes. It can be used for various automated ERP components that ensure complete management of inventory, sales, distribution, and accounting. The software is simple and easy for beginners to work with and promises high performance.

MARG ERP 9+ can be utilised by all kinds of businesses such as retail chains, manufacturing, pharmacy billing, etc. The detailed reports and automated entries can be helpful for accurate ledgers. The added features include the Claims & Statements element that helps keep track of the benefits of claim against purchases. Also, the Push Sales feature helps in controlling dump and expiry items, and assists at the time of the sale of such items.

Price: Marg is available in the market in three different plans;

  • Basic – Rs. 8100/- per year
  • Silver – Rs. 12600/- per year
  • Gold – Rs. 25200/- per year

3. QuickBooks


Quickbooks software is distinctly used in India and is a reliable billing invoice system for diverse businesses. It is user-friendly and can be used in your computer, tablets, and mobiles as well. It helps in organizing the accounting data on the cloud for easy track sales, creation of a professional invoice.

You can mark the employee time and billable hours to update them on invoices, and also allow to monitor tax credit and keep track on dashboards based on the performance of your business. The customizable billing reports and compatibility of third party applications are added advantages.

Price: It is Rs. 4,800 per year, you can even use it for a 30 day free trial with your Google account.

4. Zoho invoice

zoho invoice


Zoho Invoice is another GST accounting software that generates smooth invoicing and online billing by allowing you to send automated payment reminders to your customers for easy online transactions. You can even send payment receipts to customers and track credit issued along with refunds.

Some useful features of Zoho Billing software includes easy to accept card payments online with the best billing software, record payments received online, keep track of your expenses, easy to view invoice history.

Price: The pricing of Zoho Invoice is divided into five categories and is user/month billed annually

  • Starter- Rs. 500
  • Standard- Rs. 720
  • Professional- Rs. 1,200
  • Enterprise- Rs. 2,100
  • Ultimate edition- Rs. 2,700

5. SleekBill


Sleek Bill software is the fastest billing and compatible software solution designed for small Indian businesses. The offline and online configurations allow easy access from remote locations, export data from the desktop to cloud and the other way around. It offers extensive technical support and services of customized templates, comprehensive reports on invoices, quotations along with a lifetime license.

Price: The Premium business version of Sleek Bill is Rs. 1,999 INR per year, while there is a free version too.

6. Invoicely

invoicely software

Invoicely is a free billing and invoicing software intended for small businesses. The simple to navigate a user-friendly service is an ideal pick to automate your workflow and secure your cash flow. The automated payment reminders, generation and sending of invoices directly, customizable logos, adding discounts, shipping, and taxes to invoice totals are some of the very features that make it easy to use.

Price: The pricing system is divided into four categories;

  • Free plan doesn’t require any money
  • Basic plan- Rs. 719.28 per month
  • Professional plan- Rs. 1,439.28 per month
  • Enterprise plan- Rs. 2,159.28 per month

7. ProfitBooks

profitbooks gst billing

Launched in 2012, it is one of the sought-after GST resolute and easily manageable accounting software. The user friendly coherence helps to create invoices, track outstanding payments and manage inventory cycle.

To make the workflow easier, it allows you to categorise all the orders according to the projects and makes it effortless to track the changes too. Adding to it, you can also generate customer or vendor’s transaction statements while authorizing you to add multiple users and even assign them specific roles.

Price: ProfitBooks offers 3 simple pricing plans;

  • Professional Plan (Good for service-based businesses): Rs. 5,999/year
  • SMB Plan (Good for resellers & traders): Rs. 8,999/year
  • GST Company plan (Good for busy business owners who want to outsource): Rs. 1,999/month

8. Clear Tax

clear tax gst software download

Clear Tax software founded in 2011 is a cloud-based software. They provide the best practice in security and keep your data safe from a breach. The user experience is simple and makes it easy to access your data and returns anywhere and anytime.

They also provide steady guidance for the customer’s convenience. It helps in creating GST invoices and provides GST compliant Tax Invoice formats. It can be used for filing only after extracting data from any other accounting software and ERP Systems. The added advantages are that it helps an accountant get listed under GST and also provides free e-learning solution

Price: It is divided into three parts;

The starter plan of Clear Tax is free; the Presumptive Tax is Rs. 2,499+taxes; the Business Tier Plan is Rs. 6,500+taxes.

9. HyperDrive HDPOS Smart

hyper drive GST software

Hyperdrive software is designed to automate retail billing, and efficiently handle inventory management, financial accounting, and billing. It helps in changing prices and applying discounts at the time of billing and makes the process of customizing the bill prints simple as well.

The multiple payment modes make it easy for receiving the payments and generate estimates. It even allows you to check if the stock is available or not from anyplace. Excellent customer support is an added perk.

Price: The pricing of Hyperdrive GST software is divided into four parts;

  • HDPOS for a single computer: Rs. 1,300 per month
  • HDPOS Client-Server: Rs. 2,500 per month
  • HDPOS cloud-based subscription: Rs. 3,500 per month
  • HDPOS smart- Synch Service: Rs. 2,500 per month

10. Vyapar

Vyapar GST Billing software

Vyapar is a simple GST ready accounting, invoicing, and inventory module software. It not only helps you to generate GST compliant bills for easy share with customers but also saves it for future references as well.

The software is convenient in generating professional invoices, allows you to add your business logo to be more dexterous and improve the diverse financial procedures to make them more productive. The reminders to complete a specific task is another asset that comes with it.

Price: It is available in five different plans;

  • Mobile Basic: Rs. 599/- for 15 months
  • Mobile Saver: Rs. 1399/- for 3 years
  • Desktop Basic: Rs. 1999/- for 15 months
  • Desktop Basic Plus: Rs. 2499/- for 21 months
  • Desktop Saver: Rs. 3999/- for 42 months
  • Desktop Lifetime: Rs. 9999/- for 30 years

GST has made the running of small businesses quite effortless in India, as you don’t have to apply taxes on the total value but on just the value added. Registered GST businesses need to provide invoices to their clients and have a specific time limit to issue it.

There is various software available to help you with all the GST related obligations. It depends on your budget, the more money you invest, the more features you get, which will decide if you want to implement the free GST billing software that can be downloaded with the full version, or pay for the well adroit ones.

The main points that you should remember while purchasing one are that it can create and send professional quotations and GST invoices; Track sales, invoices, supplier bills, and payments, cash flows with P&L and balance sheet; online banking; budgets and purchase orders; free mobile app for easy access.

Pls Note: The price mentioned here may change as per respective company policies. So, please cross check with official website of these products. If you find any information incorrect, please email us at team.editorsay@gmail.com.

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