Apple Users Gets 10% Bonus on Adding Money to Their Account

Apple Users Gets 10% Bonus

Apple is giving extra money to its users while they are transferring money to their Apple account, as claimed by MacRumors. The users who will transfer money from either their credit or debit card from 14th March shall get a bonus of 10% as their credit. If the users use their accounts properly and check their phone settings they will find out that cash can be added easily to their respective accounts. To do the needful, please follow the steps:

  • Go to the settings and then further to iTunes and the application store
  • From here, you are required to click on your Apple ID view the ID
  • Finally, click on the menu of additional funds in your Apple ID, that announces the bonus and shows directly your available balance
  • Clicking on any of the options will promote you further to pay with the touch ID

This facility is available to the users of desktop iTunes parallelly. For this you are required to:

  • Go to the account, then click on view my account
  • That page contains a section called Apple ID account and you can add cash here
  • You are required to click on the options that further will add money automatically to your account without any confirmation
  • Whereas, if you are accessing the account through your phone then you have the additional step of entering a password

Here comes the catch, you can do this only once as per the fine print. Once the money is added to your account you can further add up more money, but there will be no bonus application on these payments. The bonus is the money that is given by the company, so it is free. However, if you are planning to buy anything from iTunes, it might be worthy to add balance to your account before you start that spree!

So, Apple users, rejoice as the company has announced that from 14th March, users who will transfer money to their Apple account from their debit or credit card will get a bonus credit of 10%. It is a convenient option for your users, as this balance will be used by you to enjoy games, application, TV shows, music or the storage on the iCloud.

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