5 Best Photo Editing Apps for Instagram

Photo Editing Apps for Instagram

Instagram is currently a carnival of creativity where many of us try to edit photos using popular Instagram editing apps and sharing those with friends and followers to gain some extra likes and comments . Photographers are trying extremely interesting angles in their shots, giving an amazing treat to the viewers and encouraging many more to grow in the interest. More than clicking the best shot, Instagrammers are more focused on bringing out the best editing tricks on their photos.

The edited creations look too magical and dreamy for an ordinary photograph. Most of the applications have their own inbuilt filters that just need to be selected to bring a complete change in the original picture. But besides the already designed filters, the apps provide you options to come up with much more creative and extraordinary moderations that can make your shots look astounding.

You should be aware that Instagram is a platform to display your talents in front of a community that is closely related to the field more than just being part of social media. If a new bee in Instagram wants to add a bit of the editing pixie dust, the app itself has got some filters and necessary tools.

But the crowd has taken it beyond that level. We are literally looking at fairy wonderlands and colorful celestial textures.

5 Best Instagram Editing Apps that you should use

Here are some of the best Instagram photo editor apps to change your “gramming” game and make your feed stand out from the rest:

1. Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe has been serving our post-production needs for a long time. Their products never fail to support the needs of any user. The applications developed by Adobe have all been proved to be of professional high quality.

They have unique features that help the user to finish their tasks with ease and comfort. Just when they were breaking ground in the desktop versions, Adobe released their line of Android and iOS supporting applications.

These were real game changers in the mobile editing world. Photographers and editors could engrave their signature in the mind-blowing pieces of beauty. It retains the quality of your photo even when being altered and changed into a completely different look.

Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express the raw format of photos, which is the greatest advantage of using it. It has all the options for a correction like in the desktop versions of editors. In addition to all these features, this application has more than 45 effects that are truly astounding.

A good editor also has an opportunity to create his own look and edits through the various customization options available. Collage option can also be customized using Adobe Photoshop Express. It is simply Photoshop on the go!

Official Website: https://www.adobe.com/products/photoshop-express.html

2. VSCO cam

Developed by the Visual Supply Company, based out of America, VSCO is hugely popular editing as well as capturing application that can be made available, both in Android and iOS. In addition to the capturing and editing, VSCO cam also has a journal, where artists can publish their works before a more topic-oriented crowd.

The toolkit feature in VSCO cam helps in minute adjustments which can be used to fade, sharpen, saturate, etc. VSCO can directly share the edited photos into the camera roll or to other applications and social media platforms like Instagram.


The filters in VSCO are very well designed and changes the complete mood of the photo being edited. They have different variants of the same filter, giving us wider options to choose from. Most of the budding Instagram photo editors bring their fantastical photos alive, using the freely available filters or by the other filters which require payment of money.

The filters are all professionally collated that the final products look like they have been taken out of a museum of photographs. You can download VSCO from here.

Official Website: https://vsco.co/

3. Snap seed

We are living in a digitalized world where Google is the ruler. This is the one reason why every product owned or designed by Google gets more attention and they are more widely popular than the other applications in the same genre. This is why Snapseed now stands among one of the best photo editing software available.

It had a desktop version, which was discontinued in December 2012 for several reasons. It was after the taking over of Google, Snapseed launched its Android version.

Snap Seed

Users can easily swipe across the application and select the required edit settings. It also has an automatic setting which will make the task easier for a user but the photo would look like many other automatically edited videos.

The app gives an opportunity for you to create customized filter or editing patterns, which can be saved for later time use. The company has now launched Snapseed 2.0 with much more filter options and a tool section that has a clutter-free user interface. You can download Snapseed app from here.

Official Website: https://snapseed.online/

4. Afterlight

This is yet another asset among your Instagram photo editing apps if you intend to create an awe-inspiring Instagram feed that has a potential of identifying you as a talented artist. This application, which is supported on both Android and iOS was previously known as Afterglow. It is definitely one of the best photo editing software, now available in the market.

After Light

Afterlight is just an editing software and cannot be used to capture fresh shots, rather uses the stored pictures available in your mobile device. It was once hailed as one of the most downloaded apps that fell into the paid category. The Instant film pack or Wonder pack is another feather on the hat and it gives a truly mesmerizing look to the final pictures.

The cropping presets available in Afterlight is a real asset when you are focusing on promoting your feed among the most popular ones on Instagram. You can download Afterlight app from here.

Official Website: https://afterlight.co/

5. Typic

Adding typos to beautiful pictures is now growing as a trend. This is a way to express yourself through your photos as well as your words. Instagram especially has a set of notified feeds that promotes typography.

Typic is one amazing app that can help you create grand images with words added on to the photos without reducing their beauty but increasing the emotions expressed through them. It is currently available in the iOS environment alone.


Typic has a wide range of fonts, designed elements, etc that may be utilized in creating beautiful typographed photos that do not fall behind in quality or beauty. You can download Typic app from here.

Official Website: https://www.typicapp.com/

Trying to be a star “grammer”? Set your ideas straight and clear with these user-friendly editing apps that can completely change the entire mood of your picture.  The list doesn't end here, there are other Best Photo Editing Apps You Should Not Miss. You should definitely use these apps.

These image editing apps will let you build a real magical world of colors, shadows, and silhouettes with just a few simple clicks. Let your spark be seen through your Instagram feed.

Vineetha Kuruvilla
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