Lower Your Blood Cholesterol Fast With These Easy Tips

how to reduce high cholesterol

Cholesterol is a fat, which is also known as Lipid, which is a requirement of the human body. However, your body should have more of Good cholesterol level rather than bad cholesterol.  Some of the most common type of cholesterol, you can see in your report when you do a lipid profile test are:

  • Total cholesterol -- all the cholesterols combined
  • High density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol (Good Cholesterol)
  • Low density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol (Bad Cholesterol)

In medical terminology, high cholesterol is known as lipid disorder, hyperlipidemia, or hypercholesterolemia. If you have higher amount of bad cholesterol can increase your will be at a higher risk of heart disease or even a stroke.

When you have too much amount of LDL builds up, your arteries become hard which obstructs the blood flow to your brain and heart resulting in a sudden heart attack. In united states, more that 73 million people are a victim of high Cholesterol. To prevent the dangerous outcome of this lipid related disease, you should make some dietary and lifestyle changes.

Let us discuss a few things about how to reduce high cholesterol in your body.

What Causes High Cholesterol Level in your Body?

  • Poor diet: Bad diet such as  eating saturated fat and trans fat can increase the LDL level in your body. Red meat and full-fat dairy products also raises the cholesterol quantity.
  • Obesity.:If you have a large body mass, you are at a risk of developing  high cholesterol.
  • Lack of exercise: Most people develop high cholesterol as they are not involved in any kind of physical exercise or Yoga.
  • Smoking: It may sound strange but yes smoking is responsible for reducing your HDL. Your blood vessels become weak due to which fatty deposits gets accumulated.
  • Diabetes: If you have high blood sugar, there is a high chance of getting high cholesterol.

Medical Tests to Detect High Cholesterol

The cholesterol level in your body can be checked easily by a simple blood test, which is also known as the lipid profile test as discussed in above section. You need a 12 hours fasting before the blood tests. This test is not much expensive but cost may vary from country to country. A lipid profile reading consists of four numbers. The recommended level for these are mentioned below:

  • Total cholesterol: <200 mg/dL
  • HDL: >50 mg/dLx
  • LDL: <70-130 mg/dL
  • Triglycerides: <150 mg/dL

How to Reduce High Cholesterol Naturally Without Medication?

how to reduce high cholesterol

If your cholesterol level is too high, your doctor may prescribe you some medicine to lower the same. Commonly a drug by the name of Rosuvastatin is prescribed by medical practitioners. However, we recommend you to take this medicine only after consulting your doctor.

Taking medicine is not the solution as you will have to to depend on it throughout your life. So the best way is to try to reduce your high cholesterol naturally without medicine. Here are some natural ways to lower cholesterol.

1. Increase Your Physical Activity

Being sluggish and remaining static for the majority of hours in a day, can be one reason for the excessive cholesterol accumulation in the body. This can be changed by letting yourselves be engaged in physically moving activities that can burn out the cholesterol. Find some time in your daily routine and dedicate it solely for the sake of exercising.

You can get a number of different references from the internet or books and articles that talk about this specific topic. If you can afford an instructor, it would be always better to get expert advice and start working according to that. When you sweat out after an exercising session, it is literally your cholesterol sheets being burned off.

2. Say No to Smoking

Just like the known harmful effects of smoking, it has a great deal to do with your lipid profile. Latest researches have reported even one cigarette a day can cause dangerous effects on the human body. As we all know, cholesterol in our body is broadly classified as good and bad cholesterol.

When you smoke, the bad cholesterol changes its texture and become stickier in nature. This will lead to the accumulation of these lipids on the artery walls, clogging them completely.

In addition to this effect, smoking leads to a reduction in the good cholesterol which is used to take away the bad cholesterol from the artery walls. The artery walls get damaged due to smoking, these damaged areas, get filled up with the cholesterol molecules. Blood becomes thicker and falls in the ability to carry enough oxygen required.

On the course, the heart needs to work more which in turn causes heart attacks. Once you give up smoking, the blood flow and heart rate will return to normal, reducing the risk of sudden heart diseases.

3. Reducing Weight

This can be easily related to the first point we discussed, increasing the physical activity. Overweight conditions can be a potential threat to the harm caused by cholesterol. We should look at the dieting mode of weight loss to control cholesterol through an even different method.

Dieting can lead to changes in the way your body responds to cholesterol. It is found that dieting can have two-fold effects on the cholesterol levels by increasing the good cholesterol and reducing the bad cholesterol.

4. Eating Healthy

This can be the prime and most important method of having a steady and well-maintained lipid profile level. Consuming cholesterol reducing foods can be the choicest way to make a visible difference in the cholesterol levels.

Changes in our diet pattern can bring out a noticeable difference in your health. You should follow a proper diet plan to lower cholesterol and reduce body weight. When people profess about a low-fat diet for cholesterol reduction, you must also be informed that it can reduce the levels of both good and bad molecules, leading to an equally worse condition.

This is where the role of monounsaturated foods become important. Monounsaturated foods, olive and olive products, avocado, canola oil, etc can bring down the level of harmful cholesterol molecules and increase the good one.

A Few Cholesterol Reducing Foods

cholesterol lowering food

Fibrous Foods

Soluble fiber in food can automatically lower the absorption amount of cholesterol into the bloodstream. Hence the consumption of products like oats, Brussel sprouts, etc can be a perfect choice of diet to lower the cholesterol levels. Beans are an excellent choice of food that is high in soluble fiber.


Avocado is a fruit that has grown in demand over the last few years. They are good sources of all necessary nutrients required for the body. Moreover, the levels of monounsaturated molecules are also high, which shows they can steadily maintain the good cholesterol amount.

Avocados can simply be incorporated into your diet as side dishes or sliced and added into salads or sandwiches.

Fatty Fish

Fishes like mackerel, tuna, trout, etc are high omega-3 fatty acids, which can reduce the amount of triglycerides in your system. But you should also keep in mind that the fish needs to be grilled or baked rather than fried or roasted, leading to the addition of unwanted fat.

Soy Products

Soy products are found to be very effective in reducing the level of harmful cholesterol. Hence we can add elements like soy milk and tofu in our daily diet for a healthy pattern.


Adding supplements to lower cholesterol can be an option to reduce the harmful molecules if natural foods are not available continuously. Psyllium is found to be a very popular supplement used for this purpose. But it is always good to stick to natural products.

Eat healthy, exercise and empower your body through clean habits. These can be the steps to achieving a body free of unwanted cholesterol accumulation and diseases that trail behind. Healthy, hearty body, happy body!

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