Powerlifting has Helped Me Remain Fit, Disciplined and Focused – Dr. Urvi Ashar

Dr. Urvi Ashar

Health and fitness, the new mantra of millennials are driving them towards different types of sports other than regular Gym or Yoga. Sharing, one interesting conversation with Dr.Urvi Ashar, a Dentist, Implantologist, Powerlifting Athlete, and a Sports Nutritionist. Urvi is a perfect example of women power.

Born and brought up in Mumbai, Urvi did her medical from Bharati Vidyapeeth University. Raised in a traditional vegetarian Gujrati family, she was fortunate to be surrounded by entrepreneurs and high achievers. Hardwork and passion was ever-flowing in her family according to Urvi.

In the words of Dr. Urvi “I was very passionate myself to excel in my academics and become a Dentist in the first place. That was my first and most important milestone to achieve and many others were to follow. My journey from vegetarian, plumpy, studios girl to an evolved and professional dentist and athlete have been very exciting and enlightening.”

Editor: Why powerlifting? Why not Yoga or regular Gym?

Dr. Urvi: When you work out at the Gym you end up working on all your muscle groups. But when you are powerlifting professionally as sportsperson it’s a different tangent altogether. Yoga or Gym or Aerobics are essential forms of training which are needed to build strength and stamina initially. Every sports person may be cricketer or kabaddi player spends hours training at the gym to build muscles. I do gym each week, it helps me to maintain all the muscles of my body. At Powerlifting, I do heavy lifts Squats, Bench and Deadlifts with these compound lifts I can compete with other athletes in a powerlifting completion. I love to be in a competitive environment where I am challenged each day. I really enjoy breaking my personal records each time I train for a powerlifting competition. I really enjoy the same.

Dr. Urvi Ashar interview with Editor Say

Editor: How powerlifting has helped you to remain fit? How it differs from a regular gym?

Dr. Urvi: As I mentioned earlier, it works in tandem. I do both regularly. Powerlifting has helped me to push my boundaries, I am able to lift twice my bodyweight that’s something which could be attained by rigorous and disciplined training. Powerlifting has not only helped me to remain fit but also stay disciplined and focus. I train alone, it’s me and my coach, so I am the only competition for myself. I know that if I could do a bench with 60 Kgs last week, it’s going to be 62Kgs this week. Yeah! That’s what powerlifting gave me, hunger for more.

Editor: What is your growth plan if we talk about powerlifting? How does it go about?

Dr. Urvi: I have played several competitions at the District and state level. I aim for nationals now and eventually to represent India on international federation events. I believe my journey as an athlete has just begun. I am amazed looking at my coach who is 51 and winning a gold each time. I see myself here for a long haul and I would like to be committed to my training and practice. I have made a list of events I would like to participate and compete, this list covers events from now to the next 2 years. I am sure if I continue my chase I would be in nationals by next year and a couple of years to be selected for the international events.

Editor: Do you think, there is less awareness among women regarding powerlifting?

Dr. Urvi: Yes, the awareness level is very low. It’s not about women or men; I feel the powerlifting support needs a lot of support from the sports federations and other governing bodies. The way our tournaments are held today needs to improve a lot. This sport needs a lot of recognition, sponsorships and brand building. I am glad to see sports like kabbadi and badminton have gained immense popularity in India. Powerlifting is a great sport too; it does wonders to the women especially, not only with their body but with their mind as well. Women who I know lift heavy are the most confident ones within the crowd.

Editor: What does a typical working day mean for you? How do you pass your day?

Dr. Urvi: I am minute minder. I calculate each session, hour and each minute of the day. I always make the most of my day. I rise early, complete my household chores, hit to the gym or training, then attend patients, read + lunch, then patients till late evening, I end my day spending time with my family and preparing for the next day. Consistency is the key; I keep it disciplined and never miss my training or workout routine.

Dr. Urvi Ashar workout

Editor: Tell us a little about your workout schedule?

Dr. Urvi: I follow a 4-week periodization powerlifting training under my coach which includes 3 days a week training, one day for squat, another for bench and the third day for a deadlift. This changes for max weight repetition to volume training. Periodization helps to curtail my central nervous system (CNS) fatigue and builds my weight lifting intensity week by week. The remaining 3 days of the week I workout at the gym on the assistant muscle groups.

Editor: Now talking about dentistry, as an experienced dentist, what are your suggestions for good oral health?

Dr. Urvi: Dentistry is a wider topic. Many people know many things. I would like to like to emphasize the basics. Dental problems need to be taken more seriously and proactively. Ignorance is a bigger issue than the actual dental problem, people postpone dental appointments and that worsens the case.

Dentist Dr.Urvi Ashar

Oral hygiene is not limiting only to your teeth or mouth but it overall affects your immunity. It’s essential to understand how our biological teeth behave what we eat and to our age. Our teeth and mouth need attention and care periodically, which could be best advised by your dentist.

Editor: Where do you see yourself in next 5 years; as a reputed dentist or sportswoman?

Dr. Urvi: Both. I have a parallel goal. I have streamlined my energies in a balanced way to lead a life where I can attend to complicated and intense dental surgeries with equal spirit as I lift heavyweights. I am working on improving my overall knowledge and I am also certifying myself with a better understanding of the science behind sports and its nutrition requirement.

powerlifter Dr.Urvi Ashar

In the next five years, you will see me in leading International tournaments representing our country and also recognized as an established dentist with the acumen of implants, anti-aging skin solutions, and sports nutrition consultations. I am the #dentistwholifts.

You can follow Dr. Urvi on Instagram @urviashar


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