Take Time to Figure Out What Works and What Does Not – Nutritionist Minacshi Pettukola

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  • January 15, 2019
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Exclusive Interview OF Nutritionist Minacshi Pettukola with Editor Say

Food can be both, a blessing as well as poison, if overdone or ineffectively consumed. It boils down to subjective body type’s, blood work, environment, ideal body indexes, lifestyle, attitude and other factors to customize not only a suitable plan for you but also the most DOABLE!

We spoke to renowned Nutritionist, Ms. Minacshi Pettukola about everyday nutritional issues.

A graduate in Nutrition & Dietetics from M.O.P Vaishnav College, Chennai, Minacshi did her Masters from the University of Leeds specializing in Food Science (Biotechnology).

Minacshi works with athletes, where the main focus is on targeting body fat & muscle ratios pushing them to go the distance! Through her nutritional advice, she tries to create awareness of balanced dietary habits among her clients and helps them set ambitious and realistic goals/objectives.

Minaschi not only provides nutritional advice but also works on each individual’s lifestyle. Customized diet charts are prepared using mathematical calculations and breakups of nutrients are provided to her clients.

Editor: What inspired you to become a Nutritionist?

Ms. Minacshi: I think I have always wanted to help people and what is better way to do so than enhancing their health & improving their nutrition! The ability to inspire people to be at their top game in health which ONLY leads to improving all other aspects of life as well (health is true wealth right) is what made me chose this path in life. Consequently, my nutritional interests lie in guiding people towards making the right lifestyle choices (subjectively) that promote wellness.

Editor: Mention what is the balanced diet of an adult should be comprised of on a single day?

Ms. Minacshi: A true balance means getting all your micros & macros & water as per requirement! To break this down further, eating balanced meals and sustaining the same is what achieves the balance day-to-day, a week on week, month on month. Follow the food pyramid and eat as per RDA's, quite simple actually 🙂

Editor: Should teenagers take a vitamin supplement to meet their energy level up?

Ms. Minacshi: Super subjective. I will only give them supplements if I cannot meet their needs with foods. But if we understand our body types, lifestyle, intolerances, etc, we can try to achieve the same through natural foods! Supplements are needed case to case and if the output is high and also dependant on the environment.

Editor: What should be diet of a person who wants to lose weight?

Ms. Minacshi: Two words - CALORIE DEFICIT! A balanced diet with a calorie deficit in time will help shed weight if all other concerns and body functions are at a normal.

Editor: If you cannot drink milk because of lactose intolerance which is the other sources of calcium?

Ms. Minacshi: Greens, yogurt/curd, bhindi, broccoli, almonds, white beans, etc. Milk is not the only source of Calcium.

Editor: Explain what dietary fiber is and list out some of the good sources of dietary fibers?

Ms. Minacshi: Dietary fiber is basically food that cannot be digested in the small intestine and passes into the large intestine where it gets fully or partially fermented! They are known for their numerous health benefits such as keeping glucose levels in check, feeling of satiety, can reduce BP & inflammation, etc. Fruits, veggies, beans, legumes, grains, etc.

Editor: Your one piece of health advice for everyone

Ms. Minacshi: Understanding your body type and balance is key to good & long-lasting health! Try not to follow fads and whatever you read as all the information out there can be overwhelming but sometimes confusing. Take time to figure out what works and what does not work for you and your specific lifestyle, and go with it! Remember - life is a one time offer, use it well!

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