Stop Starving Yourself, Eat Clean and Train Dirty – Fitness Trainer Suruchi Gupta

Interview of Fitness Trainer Suruchi Gupta by Editor Say

Weight training and Gym have become the trend these days and many people get into these without defining their fitness goals. Today, in our health section, we have renowned Fitness Trainer- Ms. Suruchi Gupta, who shares some of her fitness concepts with our readers.

Ms. Suruchi is from the beautiful city of Ambala in Haryana, who works in IT Company as a Business Analyst. Remaining fit is her passion and she has emerged as a popular fitness trainer due to her interest and focus in the health segment. Suruchi also provides online training to fitness enthusiast and currently trains 30-40 clients. Ms. Gupta is also very active on social media and always keen to respond to all fitness queries of her fans.

Below are some interesting and informative discussions with Ms. Suruchi Gupta about fitness and health.

Editor: On a regular basis, what are the five foods that are good to eat and five foods that you need to avoid at all costs?

Ms. Suruchi: I don’t think any food is good or bad. Every food has its own nutritional value. It all depends how much (quantity) is taken and depends upon one’s fitness goals. Yes, fast/junk foods are not good for health.
Moreover, the processed food that is purchased from outside is also not healthy in any way because you don’t know what are the ingredients and how much of these ingredients are used to make it.

Editor: What do you recommend people to eat, before and after their workout?

Ms. Suruchi: Every person has different goals for their fitness. If you want to gain muscularity in your body, high carbs, and high protein intake matter a lot. If you want to lean, low carbs and high protein diet matters. So it’s all upon goals.

Editor: Are supplements good? If yes, what people should keep in mind while choosing a supplement?

Ms. Suruchi: In India, we have made a taboo that supplements destroy your organs! Supplements mean “a thing added to something”. Supplements are recommended only when your dietary is not completed with your daily nutrition chart according to your fitness goals. So, it’s all up to you whether you want to add supplements to your regime or not. It’s not at all necessary!


Editor: If one wants to get into shape quickly, what would you suggest they do?

Ms. Suruchi: There is no shortcut and I simply don’t believe in shortcuts!! Yes, It true sometimes smart work payoff than hard work but on a fitness journey, hard work pays only. Getting in shape should not be one's consideration but a healthy fit life should be. So I suggest; you do give time to your body and long-lasting changes occur with time. It’s all the game of patience and consistency.

Editor: How important is it to eat and not starve?

Ms. Suruchi: I simply don’t diet and exercise; I eat and train. The more you starve the more you harm your body. Those who starve end up with diseases and get loose skin. It is very important to feed your body with good nutrition and exercise to burn off those extra calories!!

Editor: For Indian body types, a major issue is losing fat on the stomach area and lower half, what tips would you give them?

Ms. Suruchi: Indian Diet is carbohydrate dominant and therefore we have a major population of obesity. Losing fat from prominent areas is not possible, whether it is the stomach, glutes etc. Fat from these areas decreases as total body fat percentage drops. Therefore, one should workout for every muscle group and try to involve compound exercises in workouts. Moreover, diet plays a major role, which should be rich in protein.

Editor: There are a lot of time constraints for people due to a busy work schedule? What do you suggest for them?

Ms. Suruchi: Everyone is busy nowadays whether they are in a job or business. However, it’s all about priorities we set for our day. Can’t we give half an hour of our 24 hours a day for us? Those who have a very tight schedule should try to have a walk of half an hour after dinner. Rather than taking the elevator every time in office, it’s better to use the staircase.


Editor: You motivate others? What is it that motivates you?

Ms. Suruchi: Yes, I do motivate others but my followers and my clients are my motivation. When my clients show the jaw-dropping transformation from my programme, I really get motivated.

Editor: Who is your fitness inspiration?

Ms. Suruch: My fitness inspiration is Anllela Sagra

Editor: If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?

Ms. Suruchi: Fitness is not about good shape, it about your health. So stop starving yourself.Eat clean and train dirty!

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