If You Want to Get in Shape You Need to Prioritize it – Fitness Expert Kanzah Syed

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  • June 24, 2019
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Exclusive Interview with Kanzah Syed

As per a recent study, fitness is turning out to be a life goal for Indians. We see a lot of Gym, health clubs here and there, which supports the fact that Indians are becoming health conscious. Thanks to Fitness Influencers like Kanzah Syed, who are contributing actively towards this trend.

So, we had done a small interaction with Kanzah Syed from Mumbai, who is a fitness blogger/enthusiast passionate about helping people like you hit their Fitness Goals the healthy way.

In the words of Kanzah, “I was overweight and had illnesses like Thyroid, Pcod, Hemorrhoids, depression, anxiety, you name it. Fought through all this for a while and with God’s grace got out of them. That's the reason, I choose to help others struggling with their Fitness journeys.”

Below are some interesting conversations with Kanzah:

Editor: Can you tell us how you became a fitness expert?

Ms. Kanzah: The answer to this one is quite motivating you can say, I was a fat kid, teen, and adult, all was good until I started getting a lot of illnesses due to my weight. Just to fight life and these illnesses I came into fitness, did my transformation & eventually, it became my passion.

Editor: If your goal is to shed some weight and tone up, how many times a week do you recommend working out? And how long should your workouts be?

Ms. Kanzah: Ideally if you just want to be in shape you need as less as a 3 day of workout per week ( 45mins - 60mins)

Editor: What are good pre and post workout snacks?

Ms. Kanzah: I strongly believe nothing better than an Indian Food especially if you are an Indian. so, I would suggest that we should keep our heavy carb based meals around our workouts so that we can effectively use them.

Eg: Pre-workout: any home-cooked meal (breakfast/lunch) (exercise post 2 hrs of this) Post workout: again a heavy carb + protein based meal (lunch or dinner) depending upon which time you workout. Alternate options for pre and post workout: eggs, seasonal fruits, whey protein.

Editor: What do you say to people, who say they don’t have the time to work out?

Ms. Kanzah: I always say you will never have time, everyone busy. If we really need to get in shape we need to prioritize it and make time for it; like we do take out time for eating watching tv and spending time with family right? and for busy individuals, you can take out 2 days for 30 mins and that will be all. Now don’t tell me 30 mins and only 2 days isn't possible.

Editor: Your typical breakfast?

Ms. Kanzah: I love eating eggs for breakfast, I always have and I believe that it lays down the foundation for my day. Specifics for nerds: 4-5 egg whites 1 yolk with 2 brown pieces of bread + black coffee.

Editor: Now talking something about beauty, how do you manage to maintain your skin glow?

Kanzah: To be honest, my skin wasn’t this good in the past, I had a lot of acne dullness, etc.

I feel what has actually worked for me and a lot of my clients are:

a) Drinking a lot of water
b) Breaking a sweat ( regular workouts)
c) Investing in good skin care
d) Meditation & stress releasing
e) Including chia seeds (if you have a lot of heat in the body)

Editor: Do you recommend any particular skincare product?

Kanzah: Some of the products I love and recommend:

The body shops: tea tree toner
Saffron gel : (Instagram: @herbalicious_official)
the pumpkin seed oil : (Instagram: @glamaroma_beauty)
Aloe Vera gel and serum : (Instagram: @dflipstore)

Editor: What is your message for all fitness enthusiasts?

Kanzah: Guys! we all have the same message but different stories, I suggest that we all add a unique touch to our msg. You never know which person you might be touching and connecting with this uniqueness.

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