9 Best Places to Eat in Kolkata

Best Places to Eat in Kolkata

So, you are in the city of joy for a day and want to gobble down all the finger licking food including visits to the best food joint and restaurants. So here it goes. The best 9 places where you have to eat when in Kolkata. Let’s start the FOODATHON!

1. Breakfast at Tiretta Bazar

This bazaar is a temporary market that is available only in the morning from 6-9. This bazar gets converted to a busy place for the rest of the day with busy commuters. However, in the morning it is an eater’s paradise and the famous Chinese Bazar. The earlier you arrive it is the best as everything gets sold out in no time. Momos, dimsums, fish ball noodle soup, Chinese sausage pao and various other treats that are delectable for the palate. This is certainly one of the popular places to eat in Kolkata.  While you are in this market stop to buy Chinese goods and lend an ear to the history of the community in the city.

2. Kathi Roll at Nizams

veg kathi roll Kolkata

After the Chinese breakfast ride onto Hogg street to get the treat of the best Kathi rolls in Kolkata. Now, Kathi roll is something that defines street food in Kolkata. You can experience a roll-corner in every corner of Kolkata. But to experience Kathi roll at Nizams is an experience in itself. With a pocket pinch of only Rs.60/ an egg chicken roll can be ordered to experience Mughlai food. Nizams is also known for its chicken biriyani but its Kathi roll has no competition.

3. Biryani at Royal Indian Hotel

People all over the world know the love of Kolkatan’s for their biryani. It is food that people in Kolkata swear by. Though there are myriad of Mughlai restaurants that prepare delectable biryani but Royal Indian hotel located in Chitpur, Rabindra Sarani is a tough match. Both mutton and chicken biryani are available along with other Mughlai starters and desserts to die for, starting from the Phirni to the Shahitukda. Biryani in this restaurant is a piece of heaven in the mouth. Kareems and Arsalan offer a similar experience but Royal is an absolute favorite among the people in Kolkata.

4. Nahoum & Sons Jewish Bakery at New Market

This is an iconic place in Kolkata where there are remnants of the Jewish community and is a must visit for sweet treats that are completely western. They are home to pastries, biscuits, rum balls, brownies and if you are looking for something light then definitely tries out their lemon puffs and jam tarts, they are amazing and divine!

5. Mitra Café

Located at Bhupendra Bose Avenue, Mitra Cafe is a famous food outlet in North Kolkata it offers the best Kabiraji. Now, what is Kabiraji? It is a dish that is either made out of fish or chicken and covered in a web of eggs that embraces the fish or chicken so well when deep fried that you would like to experience again and again. Kabiraji is served with a salad that essentially consists of boiled potatoes, onions and cucumbers with a dressing and the famous Kasundi that serves as a dip.

6. Ballygunge Place

Now when in Kolkata you must try out the large Bengali delicacy that starts with Shukto (a vegetarian delight made out of bitter gourd and other vegetables) and ends with Payesh (a pudding made out of rice, milk and condensed milk). This place located at Ballygunge serves the best Bengali platter. Their food is of quality and taste that winds up to spend the best of times. The restaurant gives the visitors the ambiance of a cozy Bengali home and serves food both is a buffet and ala carte. There can be no special mentions as all their food on the platter is best.

7. Dacres Lane

chicken stew

This place is a must for all office goers. Looks like an old English ally with dinky furniture’s the Chicken Stew is marvelous and radiates happy gleam all over. Situated in the heart of the city, it is one of the best places to eat in Kolkata. Just stop by to have Chicken Stew accompanied by bread.

8. Peter Cat

With the influence of British still in the buildings, the names of the streets (though getting renamed) and the food. It is a restaurant in Kolkata where people stop to try their Chello Kebab. It is a platter that comes with steamed rice with a dollop of butter accompanied chicken and mutton Kebab and with a Fried Egg on top. With the butter melting and the rice smelling awesome and some salad to cleanse your palate, so that you can dig in more, is an absolute wonder in Kolkata.

9. Girish Chandra Dey & Nakur Chandra Nandy

Finally, like a true Bengali try sweets to fill in that already filled stomach and where else to stop other than this on Ramdulal Sarkar Street in Kolkata. The price is affordable and serves the best sweets in town. Their sweets are so delectable and yummy that you can never stop at one!

These were some of the popular places to eat in Kolkata the city of joy. Apart from these, there are several other popular restaurants and cafes in the capital city of  West Bengal. Kolkata is always a paradise for food lovers but it becomes more special during the occasion of Durga Puja. So if you are visiting Kolkata during Durga Puja, you will find several types of street food options too.

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