7 Street Foods in Assam You Must Try

street foods of Assam

Northeast India is not only known for its scenic beauty but also for its mouth-watering cuisines. Among all the North Eastern states, today I will share some of the unique foods of Assam. In the state of Assam, you’ll find Burmese, Chinese and even Bengali inspired dishes at street food stalls all over Assam.

Starting from the famous momo to the spicy jhal muri here are some of the best street foods of Assam, you must try.

1. Momos

momos in assam

If you want to have something healthy yet less spicy, then try the most popular momos, which has its traces from Tibet. Considered as a favorite snack, this traditional dumpling is available as steamed or deep fried. Stuffing can be anything starting from vegetables, paneer, soya, chicken to pork.

Unlike other places of India, you will be served momos with hot soup. Although momos are available across Assam, you can find some of the best momos at the popular Ganeshguri market of Guwahati.

2. Jhal Muri

jhal muri in assam

Quite similar to the bhelpuri in Mumbai, Jhal Muri is Bengali snack with a combination of puffed rice, nuts, herbs and delicious sauces such as mustard and chilly. In the capital of Assam, Guwahati, Jhal Muri is available mostly in every neighborhood or in the market areas.

Jhal Muri is a quite cheap snack but do not overeat as you may face issues with digestion as it’s highly spicy in taste.

3. Luchi

luchiLuchi is another street food of Assam you must taste. The deep-fried snack is flat bread, made of refined flour, which is served with vegetarian or non-vegetarian gravies. Can be prepared quickly, luchis taste best when served hot and crispy.

If you are wondering where to find this tasty food, let me tell you that luchis are available with street food vendor in every market of Assam. Apart from small stalls, you can also taste these amazing snacks at restaurants.

4. Assam Tea

assam tea

Not actually a snack but I have added it in the blog as your visit to Assam will be incomplete without tasting the world famous Assam Tea. Even if you are not a tea lover, I recommend you to try the Assam tea. It is one of the most easily available refreshment in Assam and almost every neighborhood has at least 2-3 tea stalls.

You will be surprised to find unique ways of making tea in Assam. Sometimes it’s served with sugar or salt at times. Do not forget to carry a few packets of special Assam tea for your friends or relatives, who will surely love it.

5. Thukpa

The warm and tasty Thukpa will satisfy not only your hunger but also will leave you to feel refreshed. Garnished with lemongrass and ginger, with a hint of fish sauce, this traditional Assamese dish has Tibetan influence.

Thukpa is not just snacks but it is a complete meal in itself containing vegetables such as onion, cabbage, fresh herbs etc. You can also try the non-vegetarian option which is available with shredded chicken or pork. Available as both street food and in restaurants, the best Thupkas are made in the GMC Market of Guwahati.

6. Chowmein


For noodles lovers, Assam is a food heaven as you will find variety for chowmeins being prepared across the state food centers. Due to strong Tibetan influence, Assam also offers some of the special Tibetan foods although taste and preparation may vary.

The special handmade noodles stir fried with fresh crispy vegetables, paneer or shredded meat, Chowmein is found in all Chinese restaurants and as street food. In Guwahati, you should eat chowmein at Rebati Chat House on MN Road.

7. Silkworms


Don’t go by the name, Silkworms are quite unusual food compared to other parts of India. Although you may not like the appearance but tasting one or two fried Silkworm prepared with spices, you will feel amazed.

Crispy outside and soft and cheesy inside, Silkworms are very famous cuisines of the northeast. In almost every traditional household Silkworm are prepared during festivals such as Bihu.

So, next time if you think of going for a vacation, just plan to visit the mesmerizing Assam. You can also add Shillong, the capital of Meghalaya to your itinerary, which is quite close to Guwahati.

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