5 Most Famous Food of Kerala that you Must Try

Best Foods of Kerala

To write about food is the most interesting thing to do in India. Well, I must mention, though interesting but not that easy, as firstly you have to be a foodie secondly you have to taste the local food and know the culture of that place really well to understand the food habits inculcated by the people of that place. Now in India, the food is almost different in most of the regions. The staple forms according to the availability in that area.

Speaking about Kerala, it can be said that almost all of the cuisine in Kerala contain coconut in its various ways like; oil, milk from coconut or coconut grated. Spices are found in abundance in this state so you will find the use of ginger and black pepper in abundance. The use of these spices along with the influence of coconut renders a different taste to the food cooked in the region. ere are five famous food in Kerala that you should try on your next visit.

1. Sadhya

Kerla Sadhya

If you are thinking of Keralan food then it is best to start with Sadhya, as this is the best traditional food that is cooked and enjoyed in a buffet. This is served on a banana leaf and is an accumulation of 24 different items accompanied by desserts.

This is a vegetarian course that offers several types of dishes that are thoran, Kaalan, Pachadi,puliinchi, achar papad and is served with favorite rice and sambar. Finally, rasam and curd are served for better digestion at the end. The dessert served in this vegetarian delight is always Payasam.

Where to eat Sadhya: Mothers Veg Plaza, (Bakery Junction Near Russian CultureTrivandrum)

2. Thalassery Biriyani


Although biriyani has a different taste all around the states of India, biriyani remains unique in taste everywhere, but the taste of this biriyani is unmatched. Though biriyani has different preparation even in Kerala, this Thalassery Biriyani is famous.

The specialty of this dish of kerala is that it makes use of garam masala and green chilly while completely avoiding the use of chilly powder, and other spices while this biriyani is prepared in low heat using a variety of meat in it.

Where to eat Thalassery Biriyani: Rara Avis Restaurant, (AVK Nair Road, Narangapuram New Bus StandThalassery)

3. Kappa (Tapioca)

tapioca kappa

This is considered as the additional food for the poor man, who cannot afford rice and now it has got the position of a star and sits like an exotic dish in the menu of posh restaurants. A unique food, that is highly healthy and is a sought after by the tourists.

A unique taste is rendered from this food and combines well with chicken or fish curry. The specialty of this Kerala cuisine remains that it can be consumed as breakfast, lunch or just as a snack.

Where to eat Kappa: Arippa Restaurant, (10/61525 College Road, Near Head Post Office, Parakkunnam, Palakkad)

4. Puttu and Kadala Curry

puttu kadala

Among the wide option of breakfast available in Kerala this dish remains famous and sorted. It is a simple food item that is a simple rice cake that is steamed. It is recognized as one of the famous food of Kerala that you should not miss at all.

The traditional item for breakfast is accompanied with either moong dal curry or kadala (black chickpeas). The combination is enhanced by the use of papad and ripe banana. Non-vegetarian people can always try fish curry along with it.

5. Sweet Snacks

kerala sweets

Just like Bengal, Kerala has got savories that are to die for. Unniappam is a traditional and unique savory item and is mandatory for every occasion. This sweet consists of coconut, the staple of Kerala. However, it is a small spongy, crispy dish that is made out of rice flour.

There can be little deviation but the taste remains unmatched. Pazhampori is a snack that is exclusive to the region of Kerala. This means that frying the ripe bananas after being dipped in maida or batter is fried and forms a lethal combination with coffee, especially during the evening time. One delicacy of sweet that is seen only in Kerala is known as ‘ada’. This food is prepared by spreading rice flour on a leaf of banana and a filling is prepared with coconut that is sweet and further jaggery and banana are put on top. Finally, the leaf is rolled and steamed properly.

There are many food options that are available in Kerala, as it is located near the coastline. Various kinds of food can be enjoyed here as the communities of the religion like Hindu, Muslim and Christian reside here making the food more unique with the blend of their culture.

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