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how to reduce high cholesterol

Lower Your Blood Cholesterol Fast With These Easy Tips

March 30, 2019

Cholesterol is a fat, which is also known as Lipid, which is a requirement of the human body. However, your body should have more of Good cholesterol level rather than bad cholesterol.  Some of the most common type of cholesterol, you can see in your report when you do a lipid profile test are: Total […]

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Health Benefits of Jaggery

15 Health Benefits of Jaggery (Gur) that You Must Know

March 3, 2019

Jaggery, which is also known as Gur is more than just a sweetener in many Indian homes, it is medicine, dessert and a staple. It is a healthy, natural product gifted by nature. It’s common in most Indian homes, for it is tradition of elderly people to consume jaggery after finishing their meal. You will […]

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Exclusive Interview OF Nutritionist Minacshi Pettukola with Editor Say

Take Time to Figure Out What Works and What Does Not – Nutritionist Minacshi Pettukola

January 15, 2019

Food can be both, a blessing as well as poison, if overdone or ineffectively consumed. It boils down to subjective body type’s, blood work, environment, ideal body indexes, lifestyle, attitude and other factors to customize not only a suitable plan for you but also the most DOABLE! We spoke to renowned Nutritionist, Ms. Minacshi Pettukola about […]

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healthy food to eat in 2019

5 Healthy Food Items that Should be A Part of Your Daily Diet

January 3, 2019

Healthy eating habits keep one’s body and mind sound, so we should all have a proper diet plan. The new year will bring many new additions to the food domain, with brands introducing new eating stuff and marketing the same to lure food lovers. Although it’s true that with improved technology many nutritious food items […]

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interview with yoga trainer Urmi Pandya by Editor Say

Yoga is Important for Everyone for a Healthy Life – Yoga Trainer Urmi Pandya

December 17, 2018

A healthy mind lives in a healthy body and to remain healthy, there is nothing better than Yoga, which has several proven benefits. So, today in an exclusive interview, we spoke to renowned Yoga Trainer, Ms. Urmi Pandya, who explained, why Yoga should be a part of life. Hailing from Ahmedabad, India, Mr. Urmi Pandya […]

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Interview of Fitness Trainer Suruchi Gupta by Editor Say

Stop Starving Yourself, Eat Clean and Train Dirty – Fitness Trainer Suruchi Gupta

December 13, 2018

Weight training and Gym have become the trend these days and many people get into these without defining their fitness goals. Today, in our health section, we have renowned Fitness Trainer- Ms. Suruchi Gupta, who shares some of her fitness concepts with our readers. Ms. Suruchi is from the beautiful city of Ambala in Haryana, […]

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Interview of Dietitian Sheenam Kalra by Editor Say

Indians Mostly Prefer Emotional Eating Instead of Mindful Eating – Dietitian Sheenam Kalra

December 4, 2018

Health is one of the most burning issues in today’s express lifestyle, which demands special attention. So, here through this online channel, we have tried to address some issues taking with a health expert. Today in an exclusive interview, we spoke to Dietitian Ms. Sheenam Kalra, who shared some of her valuable tips for the […]

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Weightlifting may reduce the risk of Heart Disease, Stroke and Diabetes

Weightlifting may reduce the risk of Heart Disease, Stroke and Diabetes

November 29, 2018

Good news for all those who are engaged in weight training! A new study has found that lifting weight for less than an hour a week may provide you safety to a great extent from stroke or a heart attack by 40% to 70%. However, if you are thinking that spending additional time at the […]

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7 Best Fruits for Diabetics You Can Have As Snacks

November 23, 2018

My mother is diabetic and I have been struggling in the past to choose the right fruits that have low sugar content until I came across an informative write-up. So sharing the same through this post. Fruits are perfect snack which is rich in fiber and nutrients but some do contain naturally occurring sugar in […]

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How to get rid of double chin

How to Get Rid of a Double Chin and Tone Your Face

November 9, 2018

A double chin is something you will never like to have if you are concerned about your looks. That extra chin doesn’t look good and affects your personality negatively due to which most people wants to get rid of a double chin. Many people associate this problem with weight gain but there are many other […]

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