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Food That Boost Your Immunity

15 Food That Boost Your Immunity: Healthy Diet Tips for You

May 30, 2020

Though there are different types of food, some offers nutrition while others are simply causing obesity. Who doesn’t like to go to new places and try out those new mouth-watering cuisines? But what about your health? How much do you give another thought before gobbling those delectable? If you don’t, maybe it’s high time you […]

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Sports science nutritionist Simran Sood

Have Patience and be Consistent- Sports Science Nutritionist Simran Sood

May 12, 2020

Health is nowadays a major concern for us due to the ongoing pandemic Covid 19 situation. Most people are at home on leave or doing work from home with less physical activities, so we had done an interaction with renowned Sports Science Nutritionist Simran Sood to answer some common nutritional issues. Simran is a sports […]

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FAQs of Hair Transplant

10 Frequently Asked Questions Related to Hair Transplant

February 4, 2020

Hair transplanting is a technique which is finding lots of demanders in today’s world. People suffering from the problems of balding or hair fall issues find it as a  proper solution to regain their confidence. A real way out of the social and mental pressure faced by many youngsters living among us. Even though hair […]

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How to cut down your daily sugar intake

How to Cut Down Your Daily Sugar Intake

January 18, 2020

We as humans are generally drawn to sugar consumption and prefer to gobble on the sweet tasty food that the universe has to offer. It is what is in the human instincts that make the sweet treats so desirable to us. This liking for sugar starts from an early age as young as infants drinking […]

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onion juice for hair loss

Can Onion Juice Stop Hair Loss: Know the Hidden Facts

January 5, 2020

Hair loss is inevitable for half of the population of the world, which leads to losing one’s self-confidence and can cause embarrassment for looking older than one generally is. Although this problem is hard to avoid, there are numerous ways by which you can grow back the thick mane that once was your pride. Be […]

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Exclusive Interview of Fitness Coach Swarnali Saha

Stop Relying on Fat Burners and Weight Loss Powders – Fitness Coach Swarnali Saha

December 4, 2019

In our health section, this time we have featured Ms. Swarnali Saha, a Certified Sports Nutritionist, Fitness Coach and Natural Bodybuilding Bikini Athlete. @Instagram thefitbonggirl. Hailing from a small town named Siliguri in West Bengal, Swarnali now resides in Pune, Maharashtra. An IT engineer by profession, Swarnali followed her passion towards bodybuilding. Following are some […]

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Hair loss remedies

How to Reduce Hair Loss : Complete Solution for Hair Growth

November 29, 2019

Hair loss is one of the most common problems nowadays for both men and women population. Earlier, hair loss problems occurred after attaining a  certain age but nowadays even children face this issue. It has been proved to be the prime reason for a person to lose self-confidence and even prone to depression. The scientific term […]

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Exclusive Interview of Diksha Agarwal

Eat Right Food, Exercise, Rest and Meditate – Ayurvedic Healer Diksha Agarwal

November 2, 2019

Today in our fitness journey, we interacted with Diksha Agarwal, an Organic Cosmetic Formulator and Ayurvedic Healer by profession. Diksha is a wellness blogger (uugrow_girl) and entrepreneur (handmade beauty). Initially she worked as a financial consultant for 3 years before leaving her job to follow her passion of fitness. Ms. Diksha completed her cosmetic formulation […]

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Exclusive Interview Fitness Trainer Stuti Khare

Fitness is a Journey not a Destination – Fitness Trainer Stuti Khare

September 9, 2019

Health has been one of the focus areas of Editor Say, so adding another episode to it, we had done a small chit-chat with Fitness Trainer Stuti Khare @Instagram Handle. Born and brought up in Bhopal, Ms. Stuti did her Engineering from NIT-Bhopal (Maulana Azad National Institute of technology). After working in SAP for 3.5 […]

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YogaTrainer Preeti Acharya

Yoga Can Help Minimize Health Issues – Yoga Expert Preeti Acharya

August 4, 2019

If fitness is your passion, it can be an alternative career as well! In India, there is uncertainty among youths to choose physical education, sports, and fitness as a career option as they are not sure if they can attain that desired result & success. In our interview section, we have interacted with renowned Yoga […]

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