Month: December 2018

Apple’s iOS 12.1.2 update

iPhone Users are Not Much Happy with Apple’s iOS 12.1.2 Update

December 27, 2018

Bad news for the Apple users, the latest update of iOS 12.1.2 has reported to be causing problems for iPhone users. As per Mashable, the new update of Apple which was released a week back is affecting the cellular data connectivity. Many users have taken on Twitter to complain that their phones are not able […]

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WhatsApp Web gets Picture-in-Picture update

WhatsApp Web Gets Picture-in-Picture Update

December 22, 2018

WhatsApp has finally rolled out the Picture-in-Picture (PiP) Mode for web users after a long wait. iPhone users were the first to receive this feature in May 2018 followed by Android in Dec. The PiP Mode for WhatsApp Web is very similar to that of iPhone users in terms of functionality. You can watch all […]

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How to Choose the Best Travel Insurance?

December 20, 2018

This holiday season with your travel preparation adds travel insurance to your shopping list if you are planning a trip outside the country. For those who don’t know much about travel insurance, let me give you a brief introduction. Travel insurance is a very useful thing when it comes to providing you protection from medical […]

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interview with yoga trainer Urmi Pandya by Editor Say

Yoga is Important for Everyone for a Healthy Life – Yoga Trainer Urmi Pandya

December 17, 2018

A healthy mind lives in a healthy body and to remain healthy, there is nothing better than Yoga, which has several proven benefits. So, today in an exclusive interview, we spoke to renowned Yoga Trainer, Ms. Urmi Pandya, who explained, why Yoga should be a part of life. Hailing from Ahmedabad, India, Mr. Urmi Pandya […]

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Things to Consider While Opening a Fast Food Restaurant

Things to Consider While Opening a Fast Food Restaurant in India

December 16, 2018

Doing something on your own is the best thing in India, which will not only benefit you but also will be a contribution towards the economy of the country. Considering limitation in the job market and stiff competition, it’s always better to be self-employed and also open employment opportunity for others. If you are thinking […]

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YouTube removed 58 million videos

YouTube Deletes 58 million videos, 224 million comments in Q3

December 14, 2018

YouTube has executed a mass removal of content from its platform in Q3 of 2018 that includes 58 million videos and 224 million comments. In its latest transparency report released, YouTube has detailed the content is removed. According to the YouTube Community Guidelines report, the videos removed from the site were due to the policy […]

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Interview of Fitness Trainer Suruchi Gupta by Editor Say

Stop Starving Yourself, Eat Clean and Train Dirty – Fitness Trainer Suruchi Gupta

December 13, 2018

Weight training and Gym have become the trend these days and many people get into these without defining their fitness goals. Today, in our health section, we have renowned Fitness Trainer- Ms. Suruchi Gupta, who shares some of her fitness concepts with our readers. Ms. Suruchi is from the beautiful city of Ambala in Haryana, […]

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How to Boost the Speed of Wi-Fi Connection

These hacks will Increase the Speed of Your Home Wi-Fi

December 11, 2018

Often, we complain about slow and non-performing WiFi connectivity but most of the time it is due to our own fault that we face a slow network connectivity. So, before registering a complaint with the network provider, you need to follow these simple hacks to increase your WiFi speed. Change your WiFi Password Immediately It […]

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street foods of Assam

7 Street Foods in Assam You Must Try

December 8, 2018

Northeast India is not only known for its scenic beauty but also for its mouth-watering cuisines. Among all the North Eastern states, today I will share some of the unique foods of Assam. In the state of Assam, you’ll find Burmese, Chinese and even Bengali inspired dishes at street food stalls all over Assam. Starting […]

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Autoplay on Home

YouTube Autoplay on Home Now Rolling On to Android & iOS

December 7, 2018

‘Autoplay on Home’ feature, which was one of the premium features for YouTube users are now being rolled out for free on Android and iOS powered devices. Exclusive to the premium subscribers, this feature is now added to one free account that supports ads. What is the Autoplay on Home Feature? For those who do […]

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