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Yes! You can write for us and become our guest contributor as well. If you want to share your product news or guest blog, you can get it published on our channel under sponsored category. We publish news related to product launches or services provided. You can also submit your press release. For free guest blog, the minimum word count is 4000 words supported by images.

What type of post do we accept?

At present, we have 4 categories under which we publish news, blogs, and press releases such as Travel, Technology, Health, and Food.

  • Travel –Travel Products/Tour & Travel Services/Hotels Launches
  • Food - Recipe/ Food Products/cooking Ingredients/Restaurant Reviews
  • Health – Nutritional Products/ Supplements/ Health Gadgets
  • Technology – Gadgets news/ Automobiles/ Software/Apps etc.

If your category is not mentioned above, you can email us to know if we will publish the same.

What type of post we don’t accept?

We are quite strict to publish news and guest blogs on our online channel to ensure that no fake news or copyright news is circulated. If you are a PR agency, you should have the full authority to publish the news.

For sponsored articles rates, please email us at team.editorsay@gmail.com  or submit your details below.